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What Are The Health Claims Of Garcinia Cambogia

There are many places that one can buy this product. In fact, many people have always purchased this product from the internet which makes things very easy for those who want to acquire it. It is usually found in the form of pills or even powder form but its consumption should be as directed and not what one may think is the right way.

typical results with garcinia cambogia

This is because misusing it may lead one to not realizing the results that they may expect from the product. There also other places that the garcinia cambogia can be found such as the health and supplement stores. There are also those few instances when one can find it included as an ingredient in the snack bars.

The form in which it comes does not really matter on the overall effect, what really counts is the dose in which the person consuming it will take. The typical does that one gets include between 250 and 1000 milligrams in a single day.

Fact or fiction about the health claims

There are those advocates who normally claim that the way the HCA works is by making a person feel as if they are full and that they wish to take no more food. This is what reduces the appetite of that person and affect the metabolism of the individual.

Due to this effect, many people have labelled it as a natural cure to their weight loss problem. There are also those who claim that it has helped to improve high cholesterol and also enhance athletic performance. The list of the many things that this extract has been labelled to do is quite long.

Speeding the rate of metabolism

There is some evidence that shows that this product does speed the rate of metabolism of fat. Many of those who have taken garcinia cambogia have shown results which prove the claim that it does increase metabolism.

Many of the studies carried out were done on both mice and human beings and they all showed that metabolism is increased after supplementing the body with HCA. This means that this is not a claim but a fact which has been proven by studies carried out by researchers.

Making one to feel that they are full

When it comes to making one feel like they are full is something that is quite inconclusive. This is because all the studies that have been done to prove this have all shown that it cannot be entirely rules out that HCA actually is fully behind the feeling of one being full in the belly.

Enhancing athletic performance

athletic performance with garcinia cambogia

There are also many claims that garcinia cambogia usually lengthens the time that it may take for a person before they start to feel like they are exhausted especially when they are having some exercises. This was proven using some several studies that confirmed this claim to be true.

Some of the studies were done on mice and others on a human being and they all produced similar results. It is however important for people to know that the product is yet to be studied for more than 12 months hence there is no known long term effect.

Natural Supplements To Support Your Battle Of The Bulge

garcinia select supplementObesity is possibly the biggest health threat for people of America and a study in 2010 claimed that more than 75% people of America will suffer from obesity by 2020. This report also claims that most of the other developed nation will also have the same kind of scenario. That’s why it is essential that people should start fighting with their increasing weight and they can take help of following natural supplements to win their battle of the bulge.

Green Tea extract: Possibly this is the most beneficial natural weight loss tea that will help you lose your weight by reducing your appetite and by improving your body metabolism in a great way. As a result of this increased metabolism and decreased appetite your body will start consuming the stored fat and eventually you will lose your weight as well. This extract also contains antioxidants that will also make you healthy by removing harmful extract from your body.

Bitter orange: Bitter orange is one of the best natural supplements to support your battle of the bulge because it helps you lose your weight by increasing your calorie burning capabilities. That means you can lose more weight just by taking this dietary supplement and doing some light exercise for burning your calories and your body will burn more calories. Although few people are not sure about its effect, but there is nothing wrong in adding this in your dietary supplement for losing weight.

Cinnamon: May people assume that this is only an herb that can increase the flavor of your food and can give a nice aroma to it. However, fact is more than this because it helps you control your blood sugar as well by slow absorption of food from body. As a result of this process you feel full for more time and you eat less food and you start losing weight when you mix it with some light exercise and other supplements such as green extract of bitter orange.

Raspberry ketones: This is another natural weight loss supplement that is highly effective in weight loss. This supplement also helps reduce your food intake by suppressing your food craving and increase your body metabolism for food burning. Other than this, it helps you to stay energetic as well so you find it easy to do more exercise that also help you in weight loss and you can add this natural supplement as well in your diet for effective weight loss.