Foods To Eat To Have Bigger Breasts

Looking beautiful is a must have for all ladies. However, the means through which the beauty is achieved does matter. It has to be less painful. Of course without sacrifice there is no success. However, there is a margin not to exceed.

There are many ways of enlarging your breasts. Some are super expensive and demanding. Others are simple and natural. It is better to start with the simple ones before exceeding to the complicated ones. It is prudent of you to stop for a moment and seek simple tactics and treat the surgical operations as the last resort.

One of the simple ways of enlarging your breasts is using diet. Some foods will help you bring out the best of your breast beauty. What foods?

Fruits and vegetables

fruits on a plateOne of the questions to ask yourself is why the tits are small. Scientifically, it has to do with the hormones. When you don’t have enough of hormones that stimulate growth of breasts, then your tits will definitely have no option but to remain small. Estrogen together with other hormones stimulate the growth of breast tissues.

The good news is that you don’t need to have animal estrogen. Some plant estrogen will also work in the same way as your body estrogen. If you got a shortage of estrogen, then the fruits and vegetables will give you a boost. Legumes as well as whole grains are also rich in estrogen.


green herbs

You never underestimate the power of herbs. It is from the same herbs that we make medicine. Some herbs are known to possess plenty of phytoestrogens. With these, you got substances equal to estrogen and hence guaranteed of bigger breasts with time.

There are many herbs available to man. Not all are useful in breast enlargement. You need to understand which ones are crucial; a process that might require expert advice. Watercress leaf, red clover, fennel seeds, saw palmetto etc. are some recommended herbs.


fried chiken thighs

Chicken is also proven to be rich of estrogen simulative compounds. When you take chicken often, it will stimulate the production of estrogen. The shortage you had of estrogen will be boosted normalizing the process of breast development. The end result is bigger breasts without undergoing much hassles.

However, chicken in the modern days has been compromised as a food. You need to ensure that the chicken on the table is genuine. Otherwise, you will end up taking one pumped with steroids, antibiotics and other chemicals which pose a health risk.



These are also good options when it comes to breast enhancement. Most of the nuts contain phytoestrogens. As mentioned, phytoestrogen are very helpful in breast enlargement process. Grab some walnuts, chestnuts and others to keep your system pumped with phytoestrogens.

There is so much that goes into dieting that works for breast enhancement. So many other food options are available including healthy fats, some beverages e.g. tea & wine and so many others. Generally, if you get your dieting right, you may not require the extreme tactics to enlarge your breasts.

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